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10 things I wish I knew before university

When I started university back in September last year, needless to say I came so unprepared. From away from parents to a whole different city by myself did scare me and what made things worse was that I only came to university with £10 and this was supposed to last me until my student finance dropped. Luckily, in my case my flatmates were nice and they helped me with food. My advice to people that are about to start uni or planning to in a few years is do not do what I did. Do not take a holiday right before uni is about to begin and if you do make sure you sure you have money that you can use for food shopping when you get to uni. Also, if you are planning to get a student bank account make sure you do that as soon as before because, it is hard to get it sorted in mid September since they will be lots of students doing the same.

1. Do not rely on student finance
Student finance can only last you so far and if you know you are getting the minimum amount of loan from student finance then getting a job would be ideal. If you do decide to get a job make sure it is with a company that is completely flexible with your university schedule. I know Pizza Hut gives university students time off in April-May for students to get their coursework finished and to revise for exams.

2. Your physical and mental health are important
Look after both your physical and mental health. As much as you like working out in the gym and maintaining your figure its also important to keep your mental health in check. Learn how to manage things effectively whether it is juggling uni work with an actual job then do that as you will be less stressed out.

3. Make the most out of freshers
Since I did not have any money for freshers I did not attend any events and I deeply regret it but, best believe this year I will be going to many freshers things as I can. Freshers is the place to try out activities you have done before and to mingle and make friends.

4. Your assignments are not going to finish themselves
The library is your best friend seriously!
You cannot just go off on what books and journals to read based on the module reading lists lectures give you. Yes, they are important but, lecturers also want to see that you have conducted your own research and it is vital that you use a vary of different references not just websites or just books, it has to be mixed because, lecturers do mark you down for it. The most obvious thing is to do not leave deadlines til last minute and it is beneficial to get a big calendar to put important dates on so you do not forget your deadlines.

5. Make connections
Although, straight away in first year students are not going to be thinking about this but, it is essential especially, if you are studying a design related subject. Networking is so vital and it can impact your job opportunities even if you are not thinking of that particular career path. Recently, I met up with the CEO of House of Solo which is a fashion and art magazine and I got an internship sorted out of that meeting which means I do not have worry about stressing out over getting work experience in second year.

6. Cliques still exist
You might have thought left all that before in sixth form or college but, you are sadly mistaken. Do not follow what other people are doing, just live your own life.

7. It is okay to give yourself a break
You do not have to be always just stick your student accommodation or the library doing your work. Make sure you get to you know flatmates and go out on those student socials and night outs and get the full university experience because, some people that got a 1st on their degree regretted this.

8. Be wary of people
Not everyone is going to be your best friend but, look out for people that constantly go out clubbing because, you might get sucked into that mentality. It is okay to have fun and yeah those people will have a great 3 or 4 years in uni but, they will come out with a 3rd which is not going to leave them with many opportunities in their chosen career path. Just because other people are planning to go out does not mean you have and if you know you have heaps of work to do. Just say no!

9. Add everyone on Facebook
You might not have Facebook but, it is ideal to get it. Many universities create groups for the course you are studying and the student accommodation you are staying in. If you are unsure about something you can always put a message in your coursework group chat and guaranteed someone will know the answer. Also, societies use Facebook to contact people and let them of events that are happening. I missed so many socials in my Advertising & Marketing society purely for the fact I did not check my Facebook.

10. On campus opportunities 
These are mainly showed on emails that the uni sent you through your student email. It is worth having a look because, the opportunities they may can be something that can enhance your CV.

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